mercoledì 14 novembre 2012

Dead's american dream

We were grown up with a principle which explains that it is considered fundamental learning something as deep as possible. Specializing ourselves in something can bring us to a high quality life standard. Infact young people are always  scared about what they have to choose as sector in their studies. Concerning the big choice they try to understand which will be the main sector in the next years. So they are able to decide a universitary path which brings them to a degree, a good job, a career and a family creation. That is the "American dream". The same dream for each of us. But the reality is quite different. They can imagine that such a dream was possible some decades ago.
Now we must further image the next future as something really foggy. Something unpredictable. People prefer to do not have a long term project. Though they choose short time choices which can give some relief in their tough days. Who has been given the opportunity to study some economic subject can understand short time and long time policies. From the economy fields we can transport this concept in our day by day lives. If people do not have any possibility to build something in  a long period of time they probably decide to do not save and do not invest. They will obviously decide to save everything they can because they are just scared about tomorrow. So cars will be unsold, such as houses and everything it could be considered long term investments. Also the food sector will be affected because high quality food will be considered too expensive. People prefer using coupons to buy food. Maybe they will be careful in checking every time where they can buy saving. Just saving. A saving way of life. This is the opposite comparing it with the American dream where everyone can buy a beautiful house, an amazing car and everything it could occur to live better.

The American dream is based on capitalism. And the meaning of capitalism is debt. It exists a person who takes the debt and, obviously, another one who has a credit. This is capitalism. What we have always heard about capitalism, market and things like that, are always been based on this basilar simple concept. Who try to say anything else is just repeating what they heard on some talk show.
Or maybe something they remind from their economic universitary course.

The simplicity of capitalism is its destroying power. Despite we should be grate to this, we must consider it is also powerfully dangerous. Infact any ideology doesn't really hurt anyone. But try to put it in the reality and it is clearly evident that human being use it just for doing their private interest.

Despite plenty of economic crisis such as in Argentina, Russia, Mexico and PIIGS of the Eurozone, capitalism is still considered the only solution and the unique way to pursue. Sincerely I believe we need to revaluate something different. Some say that Keynes's solutions could be useful.
I personally retain that if it has passed more than 50 years from Keynes's death, there is something people are ignoring. Probably Keynesian solutions does do not have all the resolutions for the crisis
we are living. But we could get take in discussion   the choice which permits us to start a new economic path. And I think we need it because the american dream is clearly finished. 

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